Friday, June 7, 2013

IUI #2

I'm a few days behind on posting but had my 2nd IUI on June 5th at 1030(ish) AM. This one was quite a different experience than the first. I found the whole thing to be uncomfortable and even painful at times. Not completely unbearable, but not a theme park ride either. For starters, there were some difficulties finding the right speculum. I believe my RE had to try 3 before finding the right one (ouch!). I felt a little like GoldieLocks in search of that perfect bowl or porridge. Then came the catheter insertion. Let me just say that this did NOT go as seamless or as smoothly as last time. Well, first he used this long Q-tip thing to clean my cervix (I am guessing to clear away any CM that may have been blocking the way??). Then came the catheter and I could tell he was having a little bit of trouble getting it through. I then experienced what was the worst cramp I've ever had! Not a menstrual cramp, more like a uterine contraction! It only lasted a few seconds but was pretty intense! I wish someone had warned me of this.

I am concerned given that this time around was so much more uncomfortable, did we perhaps miss the timing? I've always read that it's best for your cervix to be open as possible on IUI day, and I don't think mine was that cooperative. Also (TMI ALERT!), I had no CM at all. I had plenty on the days leading up to IUI, probably the result of Follistim and rising E2 levels), but none on the day. Of course, I'm guess there had to be something up there if he needed to use a Q-tip thingie, right?? Plus, I used a trigger shot (Novarel) which is supposed to guarantee ovulation 36-40 hours later, right?? I had my IUI performed at 40(ish) hours post trigger. Seems kinda long to me in comparison to what I've read of other experiences, but I guess they can control it pretty well with all the meds (I hope). It sucks to think the timing may have been off but I am really trying not to be negative.

So now I am 2dpiui and just like last time, feeling crampy. I'm also experiencing breast tenderness but I of course attribute this to HCG and rising progesterone. We are leaving for a cruise Monday so that should help distract me from symptom spotting! Hoping the 2nd time is the charm!

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  1. Been checking in on your blog and hoping you will be posting fun news soon...trying to think "no news is good news." :-)



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